Monday, July 21, 2008

HOB: Eagles of Death Metal/The Hives

Now here are some Eagles I can get into.....

According to Spin, the Eagles of Death Metal and The Hives will be co-headlining a show at the House of Blues on Wednesday, September 17. This will be part of a short run the bands are doing together. Also, Spin reports that EoDM will have a new album - entitled Heart-On - out on October 21. No word yet on ticket info.

I'll definitely try to make this show - The Hives were one of my favorite sets at Sasquatch! and I'm dying to see them in a club setting. I know that traditionally Josh Homme doesn't tour with EoDM, so I wonder if this tour will be any different (although, Queens of the Stone Age don't appear to be busy this Fall from a live perspective, so who knows.....)

Also, I have list update coming tonight so stay tuned for more announcements.

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